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Where to Invest Your Savings Today: Earn Money Online with Moneyfarm

Where to Invest Your Savings Today: Earn Money Online with Moneyfarm

The modern world of finance is an intricate jungle, and has always represented a world of its own where there is usually neither pity nor margin for error, but only a precise, planned logic of profit. In recent years, moreover, the advent of technology has made this sector where speculation is the law even more ruthless and complex.

Financial intermediaries, where and how to invest today

However, the average Italian saver is unlikely to be up to date on the rules, recent news and market rumours, as well as unlikely to have a real knowledge of the financial instruments available today. Moreover, in Italy, as already mentioned several times, investors are particularly cautious, and still tend to prefer BoT and brick above all other investments. However, the contact between the private investor and the market is difficult and far from obvious, which is why there have always been financial intermediaries such as asset management companies and brokers who act as mediators between the two parties, often managing the investment independently.

Moneyfarm, how to invest online today

Among these in recent years has emerged above all Moneyfarm, the financial consulting firm founded in 2011 by the minds of Paolo Galvani and Giovanni Daprà, Italians who have always been committed to the world of investment and equally passionate about technology. Their platform is in fact a fusion of these two worlds, but characterized by a simplicity and transparency that have made (along with impressive numbers) this company one of the largest online companies in the Old Continent in terms of asset management. To give an idea of what has been said, according to a research carried out on 100,000 investors by the prestigious German Institute of Quality and Finance Moneyfarm is the best independent financial advisor in which to invest today in Italy, and even users seem to confirm what has already been widely supported by the Germans: with a satisfaction rate of 98%, Moneyfarm has become synonymous with quality and safe investments among professionals, and today it is really one of the best ways to earn money online.

Precise planning and secure financial investments

Transparency and balance are the key words of this innovative platform, which provides as a first step a personal consultation with the investor to define the objectives and analyze together the composition of the investment portfolio, so as to assess its soundness, efficiency, as well as the percentages of risk and profit linked to each individual instrument adopted. A correct and precise planning is therefore the first step envisaged, and it is the best possible start when talking about any type of investment. This initial assessment therefore serves to renew and optimize the saver’s portfolio, so as to balance risk and income according to the precise needs of the client. One of the different portfolio models specially created by Moneyfarm is then selected and possibly customized according to the different profiles of existing investors, from simple capital protection to the continuous and exponential search for ever greater returns, but in any case in order to invest safely on the stock exchange today.


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