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Invest in Gold Today, Still a Convenient Choice

Invest in Gold Today, Still a Convenient Choice

The purest of metals from which man has memory, sought after for millennia by alchemists and conquerors, seems not to be affected by the passage of centuries and remains as known one of the most valued and exploited assets in the world. Investing in gold today in fact is a choice shared by millions of investors and traders around the world, who rightly prefer to invest their capital in a solid refuge asset than to risk it in other and more dangerous markets.

Gold and safe haven assets, where to invest in 2018

From a geopolitical and economic point of view, 2018 has indeed been a difficult year so far, which started under the bad star of Trump’s election and since then he has not stopped talking about himself one day, and usually not to receive praise from the press. The Trump tornado has in recent months brought the dollar up and down in a volatile trend that the financial markets have not liked, and which still seems not completely under the control of the Stars and Stripes Government. Donald Trump himself said in recent days: “The dollar is getting too strong and it’s partly my fault because people have faith in me. This could obviously create problems for the American economy”, revealing a real difficulty in controlling the dollar’s quotations.

From Trump to Europe, the uncertainty in the financial markets

But what is happening in the United States is just the tip of a much larger iceberg that touches Maduro’s Venezuela, which last May declared bankruptcy and is currently in a state of guerrilla war between civilians demanding the resignation of the president and Maduro’s forces, which despite the growing number of deaths has decided to officially convene the constituent assembly to rewrite the constitution. In Europe, on the other hand, the crisis that has been afflicting the Old Continent for years now weighs heavily, and which, despite the hopes of the European Central Bank and Brussels, does not seem to be coming to an end for a Europe that is still vulnerable and financially limping. Moreover, Brexit has weighed heavily not so much in economic terms but in terms of image for the European Union, which finds itself today attacked by various factions and parties in a worrying climate of growing populism. Finally, crucial today is the issue of immigration, which is literally dividing Europe by favouring radical and populist parties, a process that is certainly not slowed down by the terrorist attacks that are spreading fear throughout the continent. In short, even in Europe the situation is not the most serene, even if the victory of Emmanuel Macron has helped to raise the hopes of the pro-Europeans: in any case, the financial markets are suffering from this tension, which is manifested in a defensive attitude and slightly negative percentages.

Investing safely today: physical gold always pays off

Likewise of concern are Assad’s Syria, Turkey increasingly radicalized and shaped according to the wishes of Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan, Kim Jong-Un’s North Korea, the dreaded Japanese bubble and the instability of China. In short, 2018 seems to be characterized by a rampant climate of uncertainty that represents a great point of demand for all those who invest in the stock market today: in fact, regardless of the financial instrument selected and the type of investment chosen, many people will wonder how it is possible to invest safely today without taking excessive risks. At this point we can go back to the beginning, to the purest of metals already mentioned that represents the most obvious answer to this question: the physical gold in fact, including coins, jewelry or bars, is still a safe haven for investors willing to keep risks low. As a safe haven from the intrinsic value in fact the prices of gold never fall below a certain threshold, and indeed especially in case of crisis it is able to effectively withstand the ups and downs of the graphs and the hatchet of inflation. In addition, it always has high liquidity and is always a great way to diversify its investment portfolio, which is why real gold prices have been rising steadily since 2014. Less constant the trend of this 2018, but despite the events listed above, the price of gold remains around 36 euros per gram, a price still high and extremely interesting for those who want to make safe investments, or even just to guard against further important events on the geopolitical front.


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