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Dpi, Reports and the Glare of Investment Diamonds

Dpi, Reports and the Glare of Investment Diamonds

Beautiful and bewitching, diamonds have always been the best friends of women and also of investors. In fact, these precious stones, produced over millions of years hundreds of thousands of kilometers below the surface of the Earth under immense pressure, are currently the most precious material in the world, and certainly the most valuable when it comes to safe investments. In fact, even a single gram can enclose an inestimable value (one carat corresponds to 0.2 grams), tax-free and physical.

Investment diamonds between light and shadow

In fact, the possession of the asset is not taxable, while obviously all transactions involving it are: in the same way, the physicality of the diamond, which as a refuge asset is able to keep its value always high, mixed with the extreme rarity, difficulty of extraction and limited availability, make it an ideal candidate for the choices of investors and savers around the world.

As we have already explained, however, this is only the visible side of the medal, which in the face of many undeniable advantages, however, has behind it a closed, difficult, exclusive market that has always been associated with poor environments, as diamonds still represent one of the most widespread methods of international recycling. But in addition to these well-known and relatively true clich├ęs, at least in Italy there is another threat to the capital of account holders, since, as many readers will remember, on 17 October last, the Report broadcast brought to light in an investigative report the non-transparent investments in diamonds offered by the Italian financial giant Banca Intesa Sanpaolo in collaboration with the Diamond Private Investment sector company. The team of hounds of journalist Milena Gabanelli brought national media attention to the issue, even if for a short time, discovering a scandal of national proportions. Consob immediately distanced itself from the matter, while the Antitrust Authority began its checks while waiting to take measures that still seem to be in the air, but the matter is far from closed.

The new season of Report: is investing in diamonds worthwhile today?

The short promo clip of the new Report season has just come out, in which Gabanelli herself sets out the key themes of the first and new episodes in just a few seconds, including investment diamonds and the financial markets linked to them, which, as mentioned above, can sometimes prove to be anything but transparent. No news about the new season is yet available, but it is certain that the first episode will be broadcast live on October 10, 2017 on Rai 3, and in this sense, interested savers would perhaps do well to listen to the analysis of the capable team of Report. However, if you take your eyes off the matter, and look at the graphs and prices of investment diamonds, you can actually see that they have been in perennial growth for almost 12 years despite the crisis that has enveloped the western world for a decade: on the one hand, this trend actually looks suspicious, as such solidity and consistency is not typical of any marketable asset and especially of any market. It seems that in Italy, however, the phenomenon has convinced investors and taken hold despite the Report’s investigation, it seems that on an annual basis investments in diamonds have grown by 5%, confirming not so much the solidity of the market and its protagonists as the solidity of the refuge asset itself.

Diamonds are in fact an excellent way to invest today if properly used, as indeed almost any financial instrument, and certainly have unique and exclusive advantages when compared to the majority of assets available to the average investor. However, they have unique all-round characteristics, and many are unfortunately fascinated by the immediate advantages and then realize too late that they have made a bad investment. For more information on the subject, we recommend readers to browse through our section on diamonds, where they can find everything from 4C to Rapaport price list prices, without forgetting to follow the news on Dpi and Intesa Sanpaolo from October on Rai 3.


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