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Best Investments Today: How to Choose the Broker to Invest in Forex

Best Investments Today: How to Choose the Broker to Invest in Forex

Although the existence of a currency market may seem obvious and obvious, the Foreign Exchange (commonly abbreviated as Forex) as it is understood today was born only in 1971, to respond to the difficulties that arose along with the first fluctuations in exchange rates, until then fixed. This was the beginning of the flexible exchange season on the financial markets: since then, facilitated by the birth of the web and the widespread diffusion of computers since the 1980s, the currency market has grown enormously, reaching a global dimension in a short time.

Where to invest in 2019: the currency market or Forex exchange

One of the best tools to invest online is 24Option, and through CFDs (Contracts for Difference) you can get incredible returns to say the least. Click here and go directly to the 24option page. Why do we say that 24Option is the best online platform for investing? 24Option is simple to use, no commissions and allows you to invest both upwards and downwards.

Today this financial sector is by far the largest market in the world, as banks, entire countries and financial sectors move around 2,000 billion transactions in value every day. Operating 24/7 and not equipped with a physical location, competitive and endowed with high liquidity, simple and immediate, Forex has established itself over the years as the ideal tool to allow small private investors to engage directly in the management of their capital.

As mentioned, the world of trading has experienced an impressive expansion in recent years, establishing itself thanks to its practicality and earning possibilities even among small investors, always interested in how to earn online with high returns. Over the years, thanks to the exponential spread of the internet, many platforms have been developed to simplify and speed up the purchase of financial instruments (shares, bonds, options), usually derivatives and therefore characterized by a high speculative trend, which translates in practice into dizzying payouts and extremely high risks. The high returns (up to 90%) and low losses should not make the trader forget that a percentage of risk always exists: for this reason the choice of a reliable and solid financial broker should be the first and most important step to take to start investing in Forex in 2020. But on what basis can such a choice be made?

How to choose a broker to invest your savings

There are many factors to take into account:

Security: Investing in a reliable broker is a necessity today. Many sites promise big profits and minimal expenses, but they rarely keep their promises. It is advisable in any case to entrust their capital only to brokers who act under direct license from the European Union (CySec regulation) and possibly authorized in Italy by Consob, the National Commission for Companies and the Stock Exchange.

Minimum deposit required: this is the minimum capital that must be invested to start trading operations. Also in this case excessive low figures can appear convenient, but in reality this choice must be balanced with the minimum amount per trade, that is for a single operation, and that must be able to allow a discreet initial operation.

Types of assets: the variety of the proposed assets is an important factor to consider, in fact it often happens to apply a very good strategy on a particular asset, but without particular results because rarely the conditions are verified in order that it gives its fruits. Having instead a good range of assets available multiplies the chances of finding a good answer in other markets.

Deadlines: As a fundamental aspect, the variability of deadlines must be chosen according to particular criteria depending on the strategy adopted: it is therefore very important to choose a financial partner that guarantees an offer adapted to your needs.

Demo account: a demo account allows the user to learn how to invest in binary options without risk. It is usually provided after depositing a minimum amount, so that it is not just a game but rather an opportunity to grow as a trader. Only by obtaining satisfactory results in a demo account will you be able to really start investing your capital.

Payout: the payout is nothing more than the return on investment. Many brokers guarantee payouts of around 80%, but some of them can pay out up to 90%.

In short, there are several variables to consider to start investing in the currency market today, and it is not always easy to apply these yardsticks of judgment in practice: among the many brokers available to Italian investors and traders, however, we feel we recommend 24option, the financial partner that for over 10 years accompanies traders around the world into the complicated world of online finance. It is in fact among the most prestigious brokers in the world, with over 36 million open positions and over 1000 billion in trading value. It is also an extremely reliable and secure broker because it is guaranteed by Cysec and Consob, the two major European supervisory authorities. Finally, the state-of-the-art platform offered to clients together with attractive trading conditions. This also concludes the package of this attractive broker for the currency market, which therefore confirms itself as a solid choice to make the best safe investments in the complicated world of online trading.


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